Starman's Deathrap 2004


The game this Website is about (Unreal Tournament) is a violent Ego-Shooter. 

If you are 18 or above and there are no laws in your country forbidding access to a such a site, if you agree to accept the risk that playing the above mentioned game might cause you harm and if you agree that you are accessing this site on your own risk, 
please stay.

This is the entrance page to the Starman's Deathtrap 2004 Site.
You'll get information how to join our Unreal Tournament 2004 Server. 
We are playing Capture the Flag and Onslaught (New).
Just use MapVote to swich between CTF and ONS!

And you can read all about Starman, Siegi_Slaughter, Sturmbringer and other players.

In summary, you can have fun!

This site is run by, a virtual company. The realstarman employees are all virtual people.



If you want to access the original Deathtrap site, click here