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Who is Starman?

Diving, Dancing, RC Heli Flying, Games (Board games, roleplaying, computer games, you name it)
Originally a physicist, working in IT for more than 20 years. I worked in large American Software companies and spent some time leading a a CRM Consulting team in a small German Company here in Munich. Now I am working as an IT (Lead Enterprise) Architect in a Marketing/Loyalty Company.

Want to know about the Origin of the Nickname Starman? (Has nothing to do with any Comic Hero)


I love D&D 3rd edition. I have been playing AD&D for years and recently switched to &D 3rd edition.
Why? Because it's better.


I love diving. Been doing it since '96. Currently, I am an SSI Dive Controller working in Dive Operation near where I live.
Some pics can be found here:

Link to my blog of our last vacation (blog is in German!)


Boogie and Disco Fox. Of course we do all the usual ballroom dance styles, too. But Boogie and Disco Fox are my absolute favorites.

RC Helis

I am flying RC Helis.